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Big Dry Flies // Dry Flies for the Almost Blind

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Red's Best Dry Flies for the Nearly Blind

These are essentially "Dry Flies for Blind Guys" haha!  We sometimes refer to these as BGDRY and it will fix your problems!  Tired of watching that foam chunk you thought was your fly, while the trout spits our your actual fly? How about staring at a white speck for 15 minutes, only to realize your fly sunk 10 minutes ago and is now lodged under the drift boat? Don't let those size 22 Blue Winged Olives get to you.

There is an answer to On River Visual Acuity Disorder, or ORVAD, a decline in the ability to effectively follow microscopic dry flies among the foam and debris of a river... and it's starts here. These Flies are the best Dry Flies when using a size 22 dry that no one can see and will float like a cork when your have your tungsten bead dropper down where the fish live. Most can be trimmed down for a low profile.

Try BGDRY- Several fishing session/doses per month, or better, per week, can help the tired eyes rest as you ply the waters with large, retina friendly but still wildly effective foam monsters. Think Flip-Flops with hooks. We have chosen a selection of very popular, very fishy dry flies that most people admit to being eye friendly, sexy even. They work on large freestone rivers, small creeks and even, on occasion, against stubborn spring creek biggies. At your next fly shop visit, ask your professional if BGDRY is a good fit for you! Disclaimer: BGDRY will not make your leaky roof fix itself, nor will it mow the lawn while you fish. It might cause marital strain - which is remedied by taking your wife fishing too. It may cause marked peak in myocardial activity as you struggle with a 20 inch 'Cutty, seek medical attention if the activity persists past the release of such fish.

About this kit...Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder.

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