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Deadly Bead Head Nymph Fly Assortment

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Red's 20 Deadly Bead Head Nymphs


From the cool, clear waters of the Yakima River (out our back door) to the swift waters of the Deschutes and beyond, these deadly nymphs will attract attention from trout. Fished on a tight line, euro style, under an indicator or under a big high floating hopper type fly, the weight and build of these nymphs will get them down fast, and keep them close to the bottom. These are the most common flies fished locally, being able to fool weary trout time and time again. The secret to the flies? Profile- slim, tapered and lifelike weight - as we just stated, they are heavy and fast sinkingColor, as well as some flash - A good mix of natural colors with "bugginess" and that all appealing blingCopper Johns and Lightning bugs are now classics, the lightning bug being born here, on the banks of the Yakima River. The jigs are not "new" in concept, but the style of fly has been generating a lot of buzz as it's a surging design and the fish have responded well to this type of design. The Hare's Ears are requisites to any box as are the Prince Nymph variations. The Anato May is a great fly that has a flashy appeal with a lifelike silhouett


Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder.

Red's 20 Deadly Bead head Nymphs

Ingredients: Guides Choice Hares Ear Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail TB Baetis Holo Prince King Prince Prince of Darkness Anato May YB Soft Hackle Lighting Bug Lighting Bug Harry Prince T Jig Yellow Spot Copper John WD40

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