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Redington Predator Fly Rod // Grand Slam Saltwater Setup

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We want to make purchasing a rod and reel outfit for your next saltwater flats trip easy! This outfit represents the ultimate in toughness, reliability, castability, and VALUE. This outfit is designed to give you a setup capable of taking all of the Grand Slam Species like Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, and other light saltwater species.

Saltwater Flats Rod and Reel Setup Includes:


Redington Predator Saltwater Fly Rods

*10 - 12 weights feature a larger fighting butt

  • 790-4 - Great for Bonefish and other shallow water species, it could even handle some Snook and Tarpon up to 10 pounds if you choose to use it in the Mangroves.
  • 890-4 - This is the all around workhorse and is right at home on the Bonefish flats or pitching baitfish patterns at small Jacks. It's the best seller and makes a fantastic "tough rod" to back up your other 8 weight. It is very durable for the weight.
  • 990-4 - This rod get used a lot for baby Tarpon, Permit, and Barracuda. It's a nice blend that is capable of handling some poppers and big flies, but can act as a backup for your Bonefish rod if necessary.
  • 1090-4 - This is the best seller in the Predator family for us. 10 weights need to be the most versatile rod in the boat, capable of delivering big flies to Dorado or Roosterfish, or even some large Tarpon. It also has to be able to deliver a crab pattern at moving Permit on the flats. It's very durable, trustworthy, and overall a fairly decent casting 10 weight at this price.
  • 11 and 12 Weights - These are the transition rods where they go from nice casters to more of a fish fighting rod that will still cast. Strong casters won't have any complaints, but be aware that these rods aren't as friendly as some of the more expensive rods in this category. If you are a newbie to heavy rods, maybe request going up a line weight or using a shooting head line.


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