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Recycled Waders // Skinny H20 Wallet


Skinny H20 Wallet

Perfect size to fit in the front or back of your Mountain Khakis. Super simple yet practical design with enough pockets for your card carrying privileges. Lightweight and extremely durable.

Trim colors vary between tan, olive, brown and foliage green

  • Approximate dimensions: 9"W x 3.5"H
  • 1 large cash pocket
  • 4 card slots
  • 2 hidden pockets

About Recycled Waders

When a pair of waders turns into a pair of leakers their life doesn't have to be over. Our mission at Recycled Waders is to transform as many funky old waders into new products as we can. We repurpose waders that are BEYOND REPAIR and we harvest as much material from the waders as possible to limit the amount of non-native material as possible in each product. We are committed to reducing the WASTE RATIO with each pair of waders.

Recycled Waders products intentionally do not have the latest gadgets, zingers, fold down fly trays, magnets, etc. Our products are simple, lightweight, durable, highly water resistant, completely versatile and made to last. All Recycled Waders products are made in Washington but are sold globally.

Each Recycled Waders product is unique, showcasing nicks, blemishes, fading, stains, sharpie tattoos, and wear from the years of use, miles walked and memories made with you out in nature. We capture these unique character marks within our products so that each bag may tell it's own story. Hopefully this sort of uniqueness appeals to you.