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Stillwater Lake Fly Assortment - 24 Count w/Box by Rainy's

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Rainy's Stillwater Fly Assortment - 24 Count w/Box

This stillwater assortment, from Utah's own Rainy's Flies, is an unrivaled collection of essential imitations that will help take some of the guess work out of your favorite lake. Be it small Midwestern farm pond, or the famous Henry's Lake.  Unless there is a significant hatch, almost every lake looks as if it is a flat, featureless disk.

At least it does at first. Taking the time to imagine and explore below this disc, opens a whole world of possibility. First, the angler would see the undulations and variety of topography creating habitat and sanctuary. Next, a plethora of aquatic life would come into focus: scuds, damselfly and dragonfly nymphs, various stages of chironomids, leeches, and baitfish to name just a few. Lastly, you might even see a huge lunker of a fish, quietly cruising along slurping size 16 blood midge larva. All this, below that flat "featureless" disc.

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