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SteelFLASH Steelhead Fly by Rainy's

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 SteelFLASH Steelhead Fly

Hold this fly in your hand and it comes alive, the flash makes this fly sparkle from every angle, the head is spun from an ice type dubbing and the articulated body is just the right size at 3" for the #4 and 3.5" for the #2.

The SteelFlash fly series was developed in an effort to create a fly that neither absorbs nor traps water, has an abundance of flash to incite takes from even the most sullen fish, tremendous action in the water, and both sinks well and balances perfectly with a stinger hook riding up. SteelFlash flies are versatile and can be fished year-round in a variety of depths with a wide range of fly lines and techniques.

Blue or Purple: Whatever your choice on a given day, both colors are most effective summer-run patterns. For summer-runs, due to their brilliant flash there is no need to focus on running these patterns deep. They are deadly fishing on the swing using dry lines. For winter fish go for the larger fly size fished on a range of sink tips to match water conditions.

Pink: This multi-season pattern is extremely effective on both summer and winter steelhead and Coho and Chinook salmon. For winter high water flows, use the larger size with an appropriate range of fast sink tips suitable for the existing water conditions. 

Orange: Fish this color on a range of fast sinking tips. Mend to slow the speed of the swing and allow the fly to pause for a few seconds at the end of the swing before re-casting. The flashing holographic tail gives the fly tremendous appeal and a signal for the steelhead to strike!

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