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Rainy's Signature Big Bass/Pike 12 Count Assortment

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Rainy's Signature Big Bass/Pike 12 Count Assortment

Ill-tempered, toothy and nasty. That is how a lot of people view Pike. Here, we think of Pike as aggressive, fun and, well, ill-tempered. They eat a lot of weird stuff, and the weirdest thing I ever heard of a Pike eating was a baby eagle. Now that is a meal. Big Bass, they eat stuff too. Not just bugs and frogs, but they eat baby birds also.

The Largemouth Bass at our private lake range up to and over 7 pounds, which is not huge by Largemouth standards, but any bass over 5 lbs will start to get very aggressive towards larger prey.

Having a good selection of flies to match your quarry makes things that much easier, having this selection adds to that. 

This kit includes:Rainy's Buble-Heads, Sneaky Snake, Rainy's Bass Pops, Kitty Mouse, Rainy's Rattlin' Frogs, Rainy's Pot Belly Frog, Rainy's Tsunami and Joom Diver.

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