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Rainy's Panfish Surface 18 Count Assortment

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Rainy's Panfish Surface 18 Count Assortment

This assortment ties into the Panfish Subsurface Assortment.

Panfish are not just a "kids" fish. Growing up in a lake laden area of Western Washington ( Thanks to ample ice age glaciation) I spent many a quiet evening rowing around various lakes with friends, casting into pockets, weedlines and around docks to specifically catch various Sunfish, Crappie, and Perch. There might have been more, but those were the big three. The little big fish fought hard for their size and they were plentiful. Nowdays, when I get a chance to change things up, I take my kids to local ponds and basin lakes to do the same thing. They are fun fish to catch, the colors are outstanding, and they still capture my attention and maybe a little of my youth.

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