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Crowd Surfer Stone by Rainy's // Stonefly Dry Fly

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Rainy's Crowd Surfer Stone

Rainy's created two very good representations of the natural insects - that being the Golden Stonefly and the Salmonfly (Stonefly). The naturalistic silhouette, the rubbery legs, and the wings on this extended body fly are as close to natural as foam and fur will allow us to produce. A productive fly to say the least. The colors are not clownish, relying on natural, earthy colors and imitation of contour over kaleidoscopic colors and profile. Of course, those type of flies work well too, but a heavily fished river will often demand a more "real" pattern as apposed to a "close enough" pattern. We see that on the Yakima come summer, about the same time these flies would be appropriate!

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