Quigley Style Cripples

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Pheasant Tail - Quigley Style Cripple

What is the best small nymph ever? Well, a Pheasant tail comes to mind! This material and sleek body profile is what makes this pattern a killer bug for big trout. It fishes well because if its very natural material base and because trout love crippled Mayflies, they are easy to catch. No flight risk. Buy some for any hatch, many of our guides use these for March Browns, PMD's, BWO's, Mohogany Duns, and even Caddis.

Last Chance BWO - Quigley Style Cripple - Great species specific cripple/emerger pattern. We fish these flies as tandems or single. The selective trout of our catch and release waters seem to have less aversion to slamming a fly that looks part nymph, part dry. Often, we only fish a Quigley style cripple during heavy hatches.