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G Looms NRX+ Swim Fly // Bass and Streamer Outfit w/ FREE Fly Line at Checkout


G Loomis NRX+ Swim Fly Complete Light Predator Setup // Spooled, Rigged, and Ready to Fish 

G Loomis NRX+ Swim Fly and Galvan Torque Reel

After fishing a plethora of streamer rods, the NRX+ Swim Fly outshines the rest, and we say outshines, well, think of a drag race between a Prius and a Maserati--it just isn't fair. With its light swing weight and the ability to carry an obnoxious amount of line, the NRX+ Swim Fly will be the last streamer stick you'll ever need to purchase. Oh, and it's paired with a Galvan-- a bullet proof reel made right here in the USA. 

Fly Line for Streamer Fishing

A purpose built fly line for streamer fishing can make or break success. A line without enough rigidity to turn over a heavily weighted fly will result in poor accuracy, tangles, frustration, and inevitably more snags thanks to a severe lack of control. Streamers can be fished on floating or sink tips lines, each unique fishery dictates which is an advantage. When in doubt, go floating. 

Streamer Fishing Leaders and Tippet

Fishing for predatory fish with big meaty flies is best done with leaders and tippet that are purpose built for the job. The RIO Big Nasty family of leaders and tippet were engineered specifically for anglers casting big flies, to hopefully big fish. The stiff butt section of the leader is purpose built to provide turnover for either heavily weighted flies or wind resistant flies.

A Few of Our Favorite Streamer Flies

A new rod and reel setup should include some fresh new flies. Included in your new Bass & Streamer Outfit are a few our favorite patterns and they can play both ways.  Big trout or bass, bring 'em on!

Our "Ready to Fish" Setups will ship to you with backing, fly line, and most often the leader installed. Just be sure to let us know if you reel with your right hand, otherwise we default to left hand retrieve.  Do this in the order comments.

Something Out of Stock? - No problem. If you want help finding a good substitution simply hit us on Live Chat or call (509) 933-2300 and a friendly pro will include an alternative product.