Nautilus NVG Spey Reel - Black LHR 450 - 700 Grain Lines // Clearance Sale

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Since Nautilus first began making reels, we’ve given great attention to the Spey/two-handed segment of this sport. Over time, we have gathered a huge following in this niche fly fishing market, and we are constantly listening to what is coming and going and adapting our reels to meet the needs of these anglers.

The Nautilus NV Spey reels have been designed to maximize the effectiveness of thin running lines, and we feature the popular Giga arbor design for lightning fast line pick up and minimal line memory – critical components of distance casting.

These spools have been named to reflect the recommended range of grain weights for line heads, starting at the lowest recommended to the biggest line that will comfortably fit with at least 150 yards of 30 lb. backing.

NV Spey 450-750 450-750 grain heads or 9/10/11 Spey Lines 4.5″ 9.1 0z.