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The Same Award-Winning X-Series Drag System

The Classic X offers the classic Nautilus® look with a full back frame while delivering the performance of the award-winning X-Series drag system. Introduced as a limited edition of 500 reels, the Classic X comes in XM and XLMax sizes, and it comes standard with the Nautilus® Hooker and a custom black spool release.

The Classic XM frame accepts the spools from the standard XM reels, and the Classic XLMax accepts both the XL and XLMax spools from the standard XL and XLMax reels. Classic XM MSRP $335; Classic XLMax MSRP $445.

Upgraded SCF-X Teflon and carbon fiber fully sealed disc drag system will assure you the smoothest drag in all fishing environments. The drag knob is oversized for easy adjustment in wet and cold conditions. The X-frame was designed to be a tough, quick retrieving, fully sealed reel that is affordable to all anglers.