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Maxima Ultragreen Tippet Material


Maxima Ultragreen Leader Material

We use this for building leaders, butt section material, or for fishing when a durable and stiff leader is favorable. Swinging for Steelhead, bass fishing, and streamer fishing. Maxima Ultragreen Leader Material is recognized around the world as the "big fish" tippet material. It is the preferred material for fishing big game and by far the most popular Steelhead and Salmon tippet used with Spey rods because it turns over very well! The Maxima material ties knots very well and it holds it's strength!

General Size Guidelines:

  • 8 pound - 0.010 inch - Clear water, summer steelhead or big streamers for trophy trout.
  • 10 pound - 0.012 inch - Semi clear water, summer steelhead.
  • 12 pound - 0.013 inch - Low light, trophy steelhead in the river.
  • 15 pound - 0.015 inch - Winter Steelhead, Kings, middle sections of building tapered leaders
  • 20 pound - 0.017 inch - Kings, dirty water steelhead, or other "big fish" work.
  • 25 pound - 0.020 inch -Butt section for trout leaders
  • 30 pound - 0.022 inch - Butt section for steelhead leaders perfect for making your own monofiliment loops on sink tips.
  • 40 pound - 0.024 inch - GREAT material for butt sections on big heavy nymphing rigs.

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