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Major Mullet by Umpqua // Saltwater Baitfish


3/0 Mullet Baitfish Fly

While this fly originated in the Northeast for Albacore and Stripers, it has become one of our best patterns in the Baja region and Christmas Island where we catch Trevally both big and small on this incredibly realistic pattern. 

Tom Kintz' Major Mullet is apart of a series of flies that were crafted up to imitate Bunker, Herring, Sardines and Mullet. Each pattern contains the trademark large Doll Eyes with a floating pupil that really seem to grab Stripers and Albies attention. Due to its large and wide nature it creates a silhouette that perfectly mimics these wide-bodied baitfish of the Atlantic. Success rates seem to go up when fishing a heavy sinking line and a rather short leader no longer than 8 feet