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G Loomis NRX+ LP // Dedicated Dry Fly Outfit w/ FREE Fly Line at Checkout

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G Loomis NRX+ LP Complete Light Tackle Trout Setup // Spooled, Rigged, and Ready to Fish 

Why Purchase a Complete Setup? 

Why have we made these pairings, these complete outfits? The answer is simple: We believe strategically paired tackle makes an angler better prepared for success on any given watershed on any given day. As such, we’ve compiled a list of multi-purpose trout rods capable of casting dries, nymphs, and small streamers with precision and purpose. In each complete setup you’ll find top-shelf tackle constructed by the elite companies in our industry—manufactures who’ve earned legacies of excellence through years of dependability and innovation. We are confident these outfits will surpass expectations and serve as the conduit to endless memories through days spent out on the creek. Tight lines.  

G Loomis NRX+LP and Lamson Speedster-S Reel 

NRX+ LP is the ultimate tool for accurate and effective dry fly presentation. Tailored for supreme versatility over a wide range of casting techniques, actions are sweet, smooth, and stable, with plenty of “spank” when conditions call for an additional pinch of power. Dove tailed with Lamson's Speedster-S reel, and you have the ultimate in light dry fly tackle. 

Fly Line for The Light Tackle Trout Rod 

A fly line constructed for dry fly fishing can make or break success. The name of the game is quality, as such, Rio's Technical Trout  is the perfect pairing for dries, nymphs, and soft hackles. Supple yet rigid enough to cast razor sharp loops, the Technical Trout will serve as a dependable, high-performance line for a vast majority of situations encountered on the creek.  

Fishing Leader and Tippet

For this complete kit we've included a two-pack of Rio's 9' 4x leader, a standard used in the majority of the guide boats here at Red's, as well as Rio's Powerflex Plus 4x tippet. This grouping of line material is standard for pursuing trout on western watersheds and trusted amongst countless anglers due to Rio's track record of top-shelf gear. 


Our "Ready to Fish" Setups will ship to you with backing, fly line, and most often the leader installed. Just be sure to let us know if you reel with your right hand, otherwise we default to left hand retrieve.  Do this in the order comments.

Something Out of Stock? - No problem. If you want help finding a good substitution simply hit us on Live Chat or call (509) 933-2300 and a friendly pro will include an alternative product.