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G Loomis NRX+ Fly Rod // Multi-purpose Fast Action Trout Setup

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Fast Action Trout Setup // Complete Rod, Reel, and Line Setup

The Loomis NRX+ is a fast action trout setup that offers an extremely high level of performance, but retains ease of casting and an intuitive feel during the power stroke of the cast.  Anglers looking for a setup that can handle a wide variety of challenges from small dry flies to conehead streamers will love this setup.

This line, reel, and rod combination is a wonderful casting all around set up well suited to the demands of modern fly fishing.

NRX+ Complete Setup Includes:

Rod Weights and Applications:

  • 490-4 - All around super dry fly rod, defeats the wind with hoppers and single dry setups.  Very capable of light nymph rigs and dry/droppers.
  • 590-4 - Western workhorse. Does it all.
  • 595-4 - Nymph/dry dropper tool. Very good with sink-tips and reasonably sized streamers.
  • 5100-4 - Big water nymph rig or a lake specialist.
  • 690-4 - Streamer/big nymph rod. Tosses tungsten without fuss.


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