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G Loomis IMX Pro Short Spey // Complete Trout Spey Outfits

$1,024.99 $1,124.98

Loomis IMX Pro Trout Spey Complete Setup

This is one of our nicest and most well thought out setups. The IMX Pro Short Spey is a top of the line rod, without the price.  We've said it in all of our reviews, it deserves to be cast among all the $1,000 rods. 

This line setup features a RIO InTouch Skagit shooting head, and includes (2) sink tips, floating tip, tip wallet, and metered shooting line with welded loops. It is well suited for the angler that wants great distance with big flies and ease of casting.  For this outfit we pulled together several different manufacturers in order to make this setup the best it can be.  From the careful selection on the shooting head, to sink tips that will turn over big nasty streamers, to the full frame reel design that will keep your running line from getting jammed between the reel and the spool.  We put a lot of thought and testing into this!

IMX Pro Short Spey Trout Spey Outfits Include:

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