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Tarpon Suspended Shrimp Tan 1/0 by Enrico Puglisi // Top Producing Flats Fly


Enrico Puglisi Suspended Tan Shrimp #1/0 // Best All Around Saltwater Fly // Killer for both Tarpon and Snook

This fly is a #1/0, so its perfect for small to mid-sized Tarpon work and will testify that it seems irresistible. We have found it to be very versatile when you just never know what you might cast at.  It is unweighted, so it "suspends" between strips giving it an extremely lifelike presentation. The hook is 1/0, but heavy wire and this seems to add just enough weight.

We've caught Jacks, Tarpon, Snook, Snapper, Barracuda, Lady Fish, Bonefish (by accident haha), Blue Fin Trevally, small GT's, and more.  It's an exceptionally realistic looking fly and just get BIT.

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