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Rooster Fish Mullet // Saltwater Baitfish by Enrico Puglisi

$9.50 $0.00

Mullet Pattern for Roosterfish and Giant Trevally

This baitfish fly is realistic in color and profile. It has been a hit on some of our recent saltwater fishing trips. Not going to Mexico or Florida anytime soon? This is also a fly that does great with bass, pike and musky... but don't tell anyone!

This is a go-to Central Washington Tiger Musky Fly. It's large, bulky profile and light weight, make it a winner when repeatedly casting for these elusive fish.

  • Size:  #3/0 (5.5" Length), #4/0 (7" Length)
  • Target Species: GT, Trevally, Roosterfish, Tuna, Pike, Musky, Barracuda