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Enrico Puglisi - Pike/Offshore Yellow Perch #4/0 - Big Meal

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Enrico Puglisi - Pike/Offshore Yellow Perch SP #4/0 - Big Meal at 8"Big toothy critters love to slam this fly. Be it a Pike in Alberta, a GT at Christmas Island, a Barracuda in the Keys, the axiom of "big fish = big fly" carries weight. This fly could also represent a young Dorado and entice that monster billfish to strike. Large Pike devour this fly. We would also recommend this fly for lakes that are stocked with Tiger Muskie as well. Tiger Muskie can grow to about 30 pounds and love massive meals. This would be our top choice for local fisheries. It's light weight allows for easy casting since Tiger Muskie are also called "fish of ten-thousand casts".

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