Echo SR Switch Rod // Steelhead and Salmon Swing Setups

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Echo SR Switch Rod // Steelhead and Salmon WeightsThis outfit represents value with premium performance in the switch rod arena for swinging flies to steelhead and salmon. The Echo SR rod is one of the most popular two handed rods we sell. It's compact and customers have proclaimed enormous satisfaction. This is a great combination that will exceed your expectations. Echo SR Complete Salmon and Steelhead Swing Setups Include:Echo SR Switch Rod (Trout Spey Weights)Echo ION Fly Reel (setup left hand retrieve unless you specify otherwise)OPST Commando Skagit Shooting Head (grain weight selected and matched by a Red's pro)OPST Lazar Line Shooting Line (size matched appropriately to head weight by a Red's pro)(1) 96 Grain OPST Sink Tip (Run Sink Rate)RIO 6' Tapered Steelhead LeaderBacking Installed, Totally Setup, and Delivered "Ready to Fish"

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