Douglas DXF Fly Rods // ESN and Czech Style Nymphing Rods

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Douglas DXF // Euro Style Nymphing Rods

Douglas Outdoors has found a niche with their Euro Nymphing Rods, especially in the 11' 3 weight model which is very popular for anglers fishing larger rivers requiring more reach. These rods are also extremely effective strike indicator rods.

2 - 5 Weight 10' Euro Nymphing/Indicator Rods

3 and 4 Weight 11' Euro Nymphing/Indicator Nymphing Rods

The DXF is an award winning rod series; it also happens to be a great priced, mid-range fly rod that is both crisp and smooth when casting. You can feel each cast and shoot line easily as the rod comes alive when the casts get longer. We took this rod and put it thru our test "protocol" and came away impressed with the cast quality, the feel- especially the loading of the rod, and it's ability to step out of the "dry fly" box when throwing streamers. If you want fancy wraps, select wood or big name, there are plenty of rods out there that will work just fine. If you would like a work horse rod, that you can beat up and fish all day, this rod will do it.

Features and Benefits of the Douglas DXF Fly Rods

  • High modulus blanks
  • Fishing tapers for both strength and presentation Wood insert reel seat with anodized uplock retainer.
  • AAA cork grip, scaled for each rod size
  • Cordura triangle tube with rod sock.