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Cousin It Sculpin Jig // Streamer by Umpqua

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“I developed the Cousin It Sculpin to fill a few needs in my fishing style. One, I really enjoy tight line nymphing techniques. The Cousin It Sculpin fits a sweet spot of being compact and heavy enough to get down quick, when needed, but still be manageable on the 10’ 3wts I enjoy fishing while wade fishing. The second reason was to fish on the dead drift under an indicator while fishing out of a boat. While the Cousin It Sculpin has these attributes, it has since become my go-to smaller/ more realistic sculpin pattern in most fishing situations. The jig hook platform is perfect for sculpin patterns because they help you fish close to the bottom; riding hook point up and helping provide that erratic sculpin action.”

-        Signature Tyer Brandon Mena

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