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Sage PULSE Big Nasty 6 Weight // Streamer and Bass Outfit

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The Sage PULSE is a powerful rod capable of tossing big flies that might be wind resistant or just heavy.  Bass and large trout most often like a big meal!  We like the 691-4 A LOT. This rod is a 9' 6 weight rod with a fighting butt.  

A good bass or streamer fishing rod should be powerful, but not such a fast action that that "stops and starts" in casting are violent or hard on your elbow. The 691-4 Sage PULSE does a nice job of making accurate casts, without overpowering smaller bass, trout, or panfish.

It will handle sink tips just fine, but we typically pair our "Ready to Fish Setups" with a floating fly line.

Sage PULSE Complete Streamer/Bass Setup Includes:


Sage PULSE from Far Bank on Vimeo.


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