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G Loomis NRX+ LP Fly Rod Outfit // Light Presentation Trout Setup

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Light Tackle Trout Setup // Complete Rod, Reel, and Line Setup

The Loomis NRX+ LP is a medium-fast action trout setup that offers control, connected feel, and performance when it is demanded of it. The Loomis NRX+ LP is a favorite of anyone that puts it side by side with other rods and test casts it.  

The action of this rod has a very intuitive feel and although it is flexible, anglers figure out just how hard to push it within a few strokes.  While it is favored for dry flies, the longer models play well with light nymph rigs and dry dropper setups.

NRX+ LP Complete Setup Includes:


Rod Weights and Applications:

  • 383-4 - Dry fly specific rod.  Makes a wonderful "hatch rod" for use when targeting feeding fish and you need a delicate presentation in the right spot.
  • 486-4 - Precision dry fly rod.  Anglers find this to be the most accurate rod in the lineup under 35'. 
  • 490-4 - Great dry fly rod, but will also be versatile enough to handle dry droppers and light indicator rigs.  Small streamers on floating lines won't be a problem.
  • 590-4 - All around wonderful dry fly/dropper/light nymph rod.  Not a great streamer rod.
  • 690-4 - Super dry fly rod for hoppers and dry droppers in big windy spaces where longer casts are common.  It is happy to throw streamers as well, but probably wouldn't be our first choice for a streamer specific rod.


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