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Sex Dungeon Trout Streamer by Catch

$3.99 $5.79

Catch's Sex Dungeon tied on a #4 hook.

This is one of the top streamers in the West. It catches a multitude of fish, has the almost requisite articulated body and is heavily weighted for getting down quickly into the deep swift currents that trophy fish reside in. Also considered a double duty bass fly. Remember, if you are fishing with this fly in Washington State, you will need to cut one of the two hooks off. We've consulted the Game Warden- you know, the guy who gives the tickets and protects our resources, and they have stated that a fly can only have one hook point. We've heard the rumors that this fly, in its original configuration, is legal in WA State, it is not. GOOD NEWS, a pair of side cutters can solve all your problems!  Knowing your regulations and making a phone call is always beneficial and it can even save you some money.


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