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Circus Peanut // Big Trout Streamer Fly by Catch

$2.99 $5.00

Circus Peanut tied on a #4 hook

Supposedly, a famous streamer guy once said this was the BEST streamer in the world. Well, we concur, this is a wonderful fly that has proven itself worldwide. Originator Russ Maddin of Michigan created this fly for that states large Browns.

Remember, if you are fishing with this fly in Washington State, you will need to cut one of the two hooks off.  We've consulted the Game know, the guy who gives the tickets and protects our resources, and they have stated that a fly can only have one hook point.  GOOD NEWS, a pair of side cutters can solve all your problems!  Check the regulations in YOUR State!  Knowing your regulations and making a phone call is always beneficial and it can even save you some money.