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Bonefish and Permit Assortment // Flies for Ascension Bay, Cuba, Bahamas

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Bonefish and Permit Assortment

The BEST Bonefish Flies for Ascension Bay, Belize, Cuba, Yucatan Peninsula, and the Bahamas

Flies for Bonefish

Bonefish are caught in the most abundant numbers, and likely what you will spend most of your time pursuing. We like to have a few flies that are heavy for schools of Bones on the ledges, a couple of mid weight flies, and a couple of unweighted patterns for tailing fish in the shallows. Average size can vary by location, but they run like crazy! They eat shrimp, small crabs, and other crustaceans. They travel in very shallow water and the juveniles (12-18") will run in schools, and the larger fish (3-7 pounds) will usually travel in pairs or groups of three. 7-8 weight rods, 2 X Tippet, and use the smallest flies in your box.

Flies for Permit a.k.a. Palometa in Espanol

Permit are a big deal! This is the most coveted game fish on earth... or so says anybody that has ever stalked the flats searching for them! Anglers make many trips without landing a Permit. Spooky, fast, wiley, and selective are words that describe them. Mystical, captivating, and addicting do too. They eat primarily crabs so you should have at least a dozen various crab patterns with you. Long delicate casts, longer strips, and quiet "tip toe" feet are required. The guides in Mexico like to say... Bonefish are fun, but Permit is our drug! When they are "tailing" (tail out of the water, head down feeding) is when you try to time your cast.About this kit...

Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder.

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