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Parachute Elk Hair Caddis by Umpqua

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Blooms Parachute Elk Hair Caddis

A great Caddis pattern for all situations. This one is going to be a longtime classic. This fly combines the best of both worlds! Elk Hair for a natural look and fishability, and a parachute post to make it float perfect and easy to see! This is an extremely high quality fly with with very buoyant elk hair and quality hackle. They will float incredibly well which keeps your fly in the water and requires much less false casting. You will be very pleased how these flies skate and mend without sinking.

They are the Number One choice of our guides for general prospecting during a Caddis hatch. Their fishability is unparralelled! For the ultimate combo - try fishing this fly combined with a CDC Emerger Caddis behind it.

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