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Sage MOTIVE 8 Weight // Grande Reel // Complete Saltwater Setup

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Sage MOTIVE 8 Weight Saltwater Setup // Limited Inventory

It's rare that we love a rod so much we're sad to see it go on sale. This is a fabulous product and we encourage you to take advantage on the savings related to this rod and invest in a good strong saltwater reel and line to build what might be the perfect setup. 

This rod tends to be easier to cast and load at distances under 60' than other saltwater specific rods, yet it is willing to rebound from deep in the butt to reach out and make long casts.  

Complete "Grande' Slam" Setup Includes:

Backstory on the Sage MOTIVE 8 Weight Rod

This rod is a HIGH QUALITY saltwater rod that has proven itself reliable, durable, easy casting (as far as saltwater specific rods go), and powerful.  Red's Fly Shop has fished this rod in Baja, Christmas Island, Cuba, Ascension Bay, Costa Rica, Belize, and likely a few other places.

The 8 weight has always been our best seller because of it's diversity to handle everything from a light delicate presentation on Bonefish or Permit, all the way to heaving Clouser minnows at baby Tarpon, Jacks, Snook, and a huge variety of other in-shore species. We've always found the 8 weight useful in areas with lots of diversity like Cuba and Central America.  

Because the 8 weight Sage MOTIVE is such a versatile rod we've paired it here with the best casting line on the market for handling all flies from big to small. The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Grand Slam is designed to handle any task you throw at it.  It's slick, shoots well, is stiff (great for tropical temps), and is durable.  It doesn't tangle when on the deck of a flats boat and is our preferred tropical fly line.


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