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Airflo Switch Float Fly Line//CLEARANCE

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After years of splicing, welding, and testing “Franken-Lines”, Airflo has produced the best weight forward switch line on the market.  Based on the popular Rage shooting head, the Super-DRI Switch has a compact weight-forward head designed specifically to complement today’s shorter switch rods.  The special front taper is capable of casting any leader and fly combination, and is even able to accommodate light sink tips.heaviest sink tips and weighted bugs.

  • Features welded loops on both ends
  • Front Taper: The moderate front taper and thick tip diameter offer a wide range of versatility in possibilities. It will turn over long tapered leaders, PolyLeaders, and light CCT tips in the larger sizes.
  • Belly: The shor length belly makes for easy casting in all conditions.
  • Rear Taper: The condensed rear taper makes for quick and easy loading and maximum shootability.

Rigging tips:

  • Leaders – Tapered mono leaders in 9′ – 15′ are ideal for floating and near-surface presentations
  • PolyLeaders – PolyLeaders and Switch Float heads are a great match, offering the widest range of versatility and options. Any number of lengths and densities are recommended depending on your line size and application.
  • Sink tips: Depending on your casting style and ability, the Switch Float is able to turn over T-7 and T-10 tips in the larger sizes.
  • Running Lines: The Switch Float is a fully integrated head and running line – no additional running line is needed.

Taper Design & Features

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