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Airflo Skagit Scout // Trout Spey and Single Hand Spey//CLEARANCE

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This is a really good trout spey line for light switch and spey rods. Its a tad longer than the OPST Commando Head and the RIO Trout MAX.  It's also is a fabulous one-hand Skagit line. These lines are perfect for single-hand spey casting and for anglers using switch rods in places with minimal casting room.

Utilizing the best all-polyurethane construction and an improved, supple coating, the Skagit Scout heads open up water that is unfishable with other lines. They allow trout, steelhead, and salmon fishermen to use their single-hand and switch rods to cast any sink tip in their bag.

Features welded loops on both ends

  • Front Taper:  The aggressive front taper allows for maximum turnover power for sink tip rigs.
  • Belly:  The condensed belly minimizes the space needed for easy casting.
  • Rear Taper:  The condensed rear taper makes for quick and easy loading and maximim shootability.

Rigging tips:

  • Sink tips:  All Skagit heads are designed to exclusively be used with sink tips
  • PolyLeaders:  PolyLeaders are too small for all but the smallest size Scout Heads.  They are a good solution for around 240gr and below if using the heavier-size PolyLeaders (salmon and salmon extra-strong)
  • Running Lines:  The Skagit Scout includes the head only and requires a running line.  Please browse our running line options to see which one suits your purposes.

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