Airflo Nymph/Indicator Fly Line by Kelly Galloup

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Nymphing rigs for trout and steelhead require extra power to turn over setups with long leaders and heavy flies (and if we’re honest, sometimes some added weights on the line).  Once it’s on the water, these presentations require a significant amount of line control to keep the drift in the “zone.”

With the help of Kelly Galloup, we developed the Super-Dri Nymph/Indicator line with an aggressive front taper and thick tip section to turn over the heaviest of nymphing setups.  And with its extended rear taper, you’ll be throwing enough stack mends to dead drift your indicator all the way to the next run!

Available in sizes ranging from 4wt to 8wt to get you effectively nymphing for trout, steelhead, and everything else in-between. The pale peach head color is easy to spot, but not so bold that it will risk spooking the pool in clear conditions.

Includes welded front loop

Tip & Front Taper:  Short, aggressive front taper and thick tip for turning over heavy presentations and long leaders.

Belly:  The 30′ belly allows for longer casts and longer drifts.

Rear Taper:  The long rear taper helps longer casts fly straight to the target.  Once on the water, this section is critical for mending and line control to help achieve the perfect drift.

Rigging tips:  Nymphing setups can run a very wide range of styles.  In general, a long (10-15′) monofilament or fluorocarbon leader is used along with a strike indicator.  To get your flies in the “zone,” use bead head nymph patterns.  For those really needing to get down, flies with tungsten heads sink even faster.  Split shot or other weight may also be added to the line if desired.

Also consider for:  This line works great for fishing streamers and big dry flies (salmon flies, hoppers, october caddis, poppers).

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