Airflo Delta Spey II Line

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After ten years of being the go-to longbelly spey line it was time for an upgrade. Taking advantage of new materials and concepts in spey line design, our dream team of Dec Hogan and Tim Rajeff worked some magic to bring forward this new Delta Spey II line.

A longer, more traditional bellied line that exudes smooth casting strokes and graceful length casts. The Delta Spey II is a superbly balanced line across the full range of sizes and this new dual-colored line benefits from a slightly stiffer running line that improves shootability.

Does not feature welded loops

Front Taper:  The long front taper gently presents surface and near-surface flies on long leaders even at the greatest distances.

Belly:  The long length belly gives enough length to reach out on long casts.

Rear Taper:  The condensed rear taper makes for quick and easy loading and maximum shootability.

Rigging tips:

  • Leaders – Tapered mono leaders in 9′ – 15′ are ideal for floating and near-surface presentations
  • PolyLeaders – PolyLeaders and Delta Spey II heads are a great match, offering the widest range of versatility and options.  Any number of lengths and densities are recommended depending on your line size and application.
  • Sink tips:  Sink tips are not recommended for the Delta Spey II.
  • Running Lines:  The Delta Spey II is a fully integrated line, and does not require a separate running line.

Taper Design & Features