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Airflo Chard Tropical Punch Saltwater Fly Line//CLEARANCE

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This is a great all around fly line, most consider it a "Grand Slam Taper" meaning it will work for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, and Snook. It has a 40' head so it is WF but not a shooting head so to speak. Red's Fly Shop has used this line for everything in saltwater and found it to be an easy casting and versatile tropical fly line.

Developed with the help of Bruce Chard, one of the most sought after guides in the Florida Keys, this fly line will help you deliver your fly to your target quickly and accurately. The secret to this line is the compact front taper and extended rear taper. For the average fisherman who only gets a few weeks a year to chase a grand slam; wind, big flies and knocking knees can get in the way of their goal.

  • Front loops: All models feature a front loop
  • Tip & Front Taper:  Condensed, aggressive front taper for getting long leaders laid out and fishing immediately.
  • Belly:  The moderate length belly is the ideal length for quick, mid- to short distance casts.
  • Rear Taper:  The extended rear taper helps to accurately carry your fly to the target.
Rigging tips:
  • Small to Moderately Large flies:  These fisheries often require longer (9-15′) fluorocarbon or heavy PolyLeaders. 
  • Heavier pound test leaders will be necessary for properly turning over flies.  Add sinking ability with the sinking density PolyLeaders (Salmon Extra Strong recommended).

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