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"509 Trout" Trucker Hat by Red's Fly Shop

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Red's "509 Trout" Trucker Hats Living With a (509) State of Mind!

Buy a Hat, Catch a Big Fish Within Hours. The Red's No Money Back Guarantee on Hats. If you know the geography of the Pacific Northwest, you probably know that Eastern Washington is very different than Western Washington. The east side of the Cascade Mountains is high desert and rolling plains. Its also very rural. Its also very trouty! This is where Red's is at. The "509" represents our area code, which is different than that of the concrete jungle around Seattle. Since many of our customers work in Seattle, but play in the "509" this hat just makes sense. It lets folks know, "hey, I love fishing eastern Washington". It is our opinion that these are the coolest hats around!

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