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20 Incher Stonefly Nymph - Perfect for Skwala Stoneflies!

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The 20 Incher Makes a GREAT Imitation for Stonefly Nymphs

The 20"er Stone is called a 20"er for a reason! This fly will catch big wise river trout that can only be caught on very natural patterns and the Peacock used in this tie will fool even the most selective trout. The Peacock will shine almost every color in the light spectrum, giving this fly a "buggy" look that cannot be captured by artificial materials. It is a great fly and certain to help fill your photo album with pictures of 20" trout!

Nymphs in rivers are successfully fished on a slack line drift using a strike indicator. This is because nearly all river nymphs either cling to rocks or crawl, very few actually swim. Wade fisherman will typically cast them upstream and let them drift downstream using mends to keep the line slack and the fly fishing "drag free" with no tension. Another method is using a dry dropper method. This is where you use your dry fly as the strike indicator and tie the nymph on underneath it.

High stick nymphing is also done with a strike indicator and is deadly on big rivers where fast currents suck your line underwater! Some of the biggest trout live in water that has whirlpools and harsh seam-lines. Learn how to high stick nymph by raising your rod up high and preventing drag from occurring when the line is sucked underwater. This is very effective, especially with rods longer than 9'.

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