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FREE Fly Line on Rods $500+ // FREE Backing on All Fly Reels // FREE Ground Shipping on Orders $75+

Cuba // Trip Management Page


We use this page to provide all relevant updates. Complete the form at the bottom as soon as your flights are booked.  

Update: (Any and all current up to date info/news goes here) 


Required Travel Documents and Tests:

  • Complete this form: 
  • Blue Sanctuary Marine Workshop Itinerary. (Immediately prior to departure, you will be emailed an attachment. It's about (8) pages. Print and study).
  • Cuban Covid Health Insurance. (Immediately prior to departure, you will be emailed an attachment. It's about (2) pages). 
  • Passport 
  • Cash $800 Euros ($653 for tips on the last night). $300 - $500 USD for travel misc. 
  • Cuban Travel Visa 
  • Actual Vaccine card (not just a copy) 
  • Printed copy of your 72 hour PCR results (must be within 72 hours of arrival into Havana)
  • Create an account and upload required information into a D’Viajeros form. Print the approval with QR Code.

D’Viajeros Form/QR Code Documentation:

This can only be completed within 48 hours of your departure to Cuba.

  • It does not work with all browsers. Safari for example….the dates will not be accepted no matter how you enter them. Chrome works. If people that their dates will not work, tell them to use a different browser.
  • Any tab that is not outlined in red, is not mandatory to fill in. For example, one is labeled “organisms.” What is that?? Not outlined in red though so just move on.
  • You should not have to declare anything for customs. Don't worry about all the personal belongings you have.
  • You DO NOT upload a copy of your vaccination card or test results for this form. Just check the boxes for each of them and answer the kind of vaccine you took, and the clinic name where you did your test.  As stated earlier, bring your original vaccination card.
  • Once done, you will be sent an e-mail. That e-mail has the QR code that you will need. Print it, and also save it to your phone or tablet. You will need to be able to scan it upon arrival in Cuba
Some Questions that you might not know the answers to:
  • Q: Airport Port of Entry-   A: Aeropuerto Internacional Jose Marti
  • Q: Travel Reason-    A: Sightseeing
  • Q: Province Where You Are Going-  A: Matanzas
  • Q: Municipality Where You Are Going   A: Cienaga de Zapata
  • Q: Place of Accommodation  A: House or Room For Rent (Georgiana is private so won't be listed on drop down)  
  • Q: Traveler Address A: launcha Georgiana

Links and Helpful Resources:

Flight Planning:

Flight plans are date(s) inclusive, Saturday to Saturday. Guests must arrive in Havana by 12 pm, and depart no earlier than 12 pm. Your flights need to route through Miami.

Booking Your Flight:  We strongly recommend using a licensed travel agent. Having a professional to assist in sorting out situations with cancelled flights, delayed flights, etc. is sometimes essential.  We use Jennifer @ CADENCE Travel. She can also setup trip insurance which we recommend. 

Jennifer Kutzner - Direct: 858-551-4476 -

General Itinerary:

  • Saturday - Arrive in Havana - drive to Playa Larga (3.5 hrs) in group transportation.
  • Sunday - Friday - Fish (6) days
  • Saturday - Depart for José Martí International Airport (HAV) after breakfast.

Lodge Name and Address in Cuba:

Launcha Georgianna

Meetup In Havana:

Assuming all goes as planned, your host and driver will find you outside your terminal. We have your flight plan.  Please hang tight, stay put, and don't leave the outside area. It makes things much more complicated if you aren't where we expect to find you! 

Note: Anglers who miss their scheduled transfers to the lodge will be responsible for any incurred costs related to delays and special transfers

Covid Precautions:

The boat crew is tested before and after each trip. Cristian has reiterated again how important it is NOT to do become exposed after your PCR test and arriving intoCuba.  One irresponsible instant can jeopardize the whole trip and return for our group and the boat crew.  There will be a Dr. on the boat with us all week. After this last week we had in Cuba, I would recommend that everyone treat the boat like airport travel.  Wear your masks or spread out when in the group except for eating.  You're all good on the boat fishing during the day and in your rooms at night. 


Roommates will be paired up in advance, if you have a fishing partner that makes it easy. If you are a single angler we'll match you up with another single. The cabin(s) will be full, not everyone will get a single cabin.

Other Details:

  • Power is 110V US Style
  • Don't Drink the Tap Water
  • No Wi-Fi or Cell Service is Available. You'll be dark all week to the US.
  • Fishing days are 8+ hours
  • Lunch is provided on the boats each day, breakfast at 7 am, dinner at 7 pm


Eight beverages per person per day and one bottle of rum and two bottles of wine per day for the group are included in your trip. Additional beverages and alcohol will be added to your bar bill to be paid at the end of the week. 

Gratuities for the Guides and Staff:

Your host will collect and combine everyone's tips on the last night at each lodge. It is our way of insuring that no guide is undercompensated, everyone contributes evenly, and Red's continues to receive premium level service. Everyone from housekeepers to guides will be well taken care of.

  • $653 EURO for the week, with some $20 bills required.
  • We recommend setting this aside in a separate envelope.

What to Expect from Your Host

The Red’s host is a liaison between guests and the outfitting destination. The host is there to act as the lead angler on the trip and help ensure that everyone has a great time. Historically, groups operate best when a friendly leader with an interest in your success is at the helm. The host will work with the lodge manager to oversee guide pairings, angler rotations, and is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the entire group.

When appropriate, the host may intervene and mix up guide rotations, angler pairings, and provide solutions if guests don’t feel the adventure is up to snuff. We just ask you to keep your expectations in check, consider the group as a whole, and be realistic with any special requests.

    Guest Profile Form Submission

    Guests must fill out this form as soon as flights are booked. Any changes to your itinerary, requires you to submit the complete form again through this channel.