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FREE Fly Line on Rods $499+ // FREE Backing & Setup on Reels // FREE Ground Shipping Over $75

Tarpon Town, Campeche Mexico // Trip Management Page

Tarpon Town Campeche Trip Management Page

Complete the form at the bottom as soon as your flights are booked. We also recommend printing this page to include with your travel documents.

Zoom Q and A Meeting(s)

Join the meeting for your specific week if possible, or jump on another call if necessary. We will record these so if you miss out, ask for a link to get caught up.

Required Travel Documents and Tests:

  • Current Passport (check the exp. date)
  • Release of Liability (sign online from your original confirmation email)
  • Medical Evacuation Insurance (Global Rescue Suggested)

Links and Helpful Resources:

Flight Planning:

  • Flights are in/out of Merida, MX and travel happens on listed trip dates. On your departure day we encourage a late afternoon departure.

Booking Your Flight:  We strongly recommend using a licensed travel agent. Having a professional to assist in sorting out situations with cancelled flights, delayed flights, etc. is sometimes essential.  We use Jennifer @ CADENCE Travel.

Jennifer Kutzner - Direct: 858-551-4476 -

Default Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Arrive in Merida (MID) by 6 pm - drive to Campeche with organized group transportation.
  • Days 2 - 7 - Fish 5.5 days
  • Day 7 Afternoon - Depart lodge, drive in group transport to Merida (MID). Fly home that evening. 

Lodge Name and Address:

Tarpon Town Colonial Lodge is located in the heart of the historic district, a block from the famous pedestrian 59th Street, and two blocks from the downtown plaza (Cathedral Square) in Campeche, MX.

Meetup In Merida (MID):

Assuming all goes as planned, your host and driver will find you outside your terminal. This is a very small airport and very easy to connect. 

Transportation to Campeche:

The drive to Campeche is about 2 hours and included in the trip cost assuming your flight arrives as expected, and is planned in conjunction with the host. In the event you arrive outside of the expected window (like a missed flight), guests will need to arrange their own transfer. Guests are responsible for this expense if required.


Roommates will be paired up in advance, guests that requested and paid for single rooms will be accommodated in a "first come, first served" order based on when they booked as single angler.  Space is limited and not guaranteed. 

Food and Beverage Service:

Trip includes breakfast and lunch service each day, dinner will be enjoyed a la carte' at one of several local restaurants. It's good fun. 

Alcoholic drinks are not included in the trip cost. Each angler will be responsible for dinner and drinks each evening in Campeche.

Other Details:

  • Dinner/Alcohol not Included (will utilize restaurants)
  • $300 USD converted into Mexican Pesos is best for dining/drinks. Credit cards work but can be intermittent based on the processor. 
  • Power is standard 110V US style
  • Biting bugs show up at night
  • Tap water is not good for drinking
  • Wi-Fi is spotty but available
  • Cell Service is not available
  • Fishing days are 8 hours max including boat time
  • Lunch is provided on the boats each day, breakfast at 5 am
  • Download the PhotoCircle App before the trip and it makes pooling and sharing photos from our phones easy.

Gratuities & Gifts for the Guides and Staff

Our host will collect and combine everyone's guide tips on the last night. It is our way of insuring that no guide is undercompensated, everyone contributes evenly, and Red's continues to receive premium level service.

  • $500 for the week (double occupancy anglers), with some $20 bills required.
  • $900 for the week (single occupancy angler), with some $20 bills required.
  • We recommend setting this aside in a separate envelope.
  • Restaurant and housekeeping staff can be tipped accordingly as you go.

A Red's tradition is to give away some gear and gifts. Boots that don't fit, fishing shirts, fishing pants, flies, old sunglasses, or anything you don't mind parting with is greatly appreciated by the guides.  

What to Expect from Your Host

The Red’s host is a liaison between guests and the outfitting destination. The host is there to act as the lead angler on the trip and help ensure that everyone has a great time. Historically, groups operate best when a friendly leader with an interest in your success is at the helm. The host will work with the lodge manager to oversee guide pairings, angler rotations, and is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the entire group.

When appropriate, the host may intervene and mix up guide rotations, angler pairings, and provide solutions if guests don’t feel the adventure is up to snuff. We just ask you to keep your expectations in check, consider the group as a whole, and be realistic with any special requests.