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Florida Tarpon Fishing // Trip Management Page

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We use this page to provide all relevant updates. Complete the form at the bottom as soon as your flights are booked. We also recommend printing this page to include with your travel documents.

Update 3/18/22 - Opening Bookings!

"This is our first trip on this format to Florida, historically dates with good Captains are so hard to get that we've missed the window.  We planned this about 18 months in advance and are really looking forward to this trip.  Please contact or if you have any questions."

Required Travel Documents and Tests:

Links and Helpful Resources:

Flight Planning:

You need to arrive in Key West, FL by 7:30 pm the night before your first day of fishing. Depart mid-day after your final day of fishing.

Booking Your Flight:  We strongly recommend using a licensed travel agent. Having a professional to assist in sorting out situations with cancelled flights, delayed flights, etc. is sometimes essential.  We use Jennifer @ CADENCE Travel.

Jennifer Kutzner - Direct: 858-551-4476 -

Default Itinerary:

  • Arrival Day - Arrive in Key West by 7:30 pm - drive to Parmer's Resort and dine out on the way.
  • Days 1 - 3 - Fish (3) full days
  • Departure Day - Depart Parmer's Resort in Uber Vehicle, head to Key West Airport for mid-day departure.

Lodge Name and Address:

Parmer's Resort
565 Barry Avenue, Little Torch Key, MM 28.5
Lower Florida Keys, FL, 33042
Phone: (305) 872-2157

Meetup at Key West Airport:

Assuming all goes as planned, you'll group will meetup at the Key West airport and cost share ground transportation to Parmer's Resort. In the event your flight is more than an hour late or cancelled, you will need to arrange your own transportation to Parmer's Resort.

Transportation to Parmer's:

The ride is just under 1 hour from the airport to Parmer's Resort. We'll probably have dinner along the way, and may elect to hire a 2nd taxi service depending on what time we get and what makes the most sense.


Roommates will be paired up in advance. Space is limited and there are no single rooms available.  

Food and Drinks:

Beverage and food service is not part of this package. We will eat and drink together at restaurants throughout the trip, each person is responsible for their own tastes and expenses. Anglers will also bring lunch for the guides each day.

Other Details:

  • Fishing Licenses are Included
  • Biting bugs may be present if we enter Mangroves
  • Cell Service is Always Available
  • Fishing days are 8 hours including boat time
  • Be prepared, this is high intensity high skill level fishing
  • Limiting gear to (1) Carry-On bag is a good idea (leave pliers, knives, etc. at home and pack light)

Gratuities for the Guides

We will tip the guides directly in cash each day, tip amounts are typically around $150-$200 per day but more if exceptional effort or a special day is had.

  • $300 for the trip would be a wise estimate on guide tips.

What to Expect from Your Host

The Red’s host is a liaison between guests and the outfitting destination. The host is there to act as the lead angler on the trip and help ensure that everyone has a great time. Historically, groups operate best when a friendly leader with an interest in your success is at the helm. The host will work with the lodge manager to oversee guide pairings, angler rotations, and is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the entire group.

When appropriate, the host may intervene and mix up guide rotations, angler pairings, and provide solutions if guests don’t feel the adventure is up to snuff. We just ask you to keep your expectations in check, consider the group as a whole, and be realistic with any special requests.

Guest Profile Form Submission

Guests must fill out this form as soon as flights are booked. Any changes to your itinerary, requires you to submit the complete form again through this channel.