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Reds Skwalameister - Great Skwala Dry Fly Pattern!

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Skwalameister - Skwala Dry Fly

This is one of our favorite Skwala dry fly patterns at Red's, it is a unique pattern that has a biot tail, 6 very naturally balanced rubber legs, a parachute style hackle and it fishes like a champ. It is especially effective for fish that are semi selective and prefer very natural patterns. This fly rides low and has a very crisp body profile that looks very real.

Timing makes the Skwala hatch unique. We thoroughly enjoy learning about the insects our hand tied flies imitate.

Skwala Stonefly: It is olive colored, the nymphs live in fast water, it has 6 long legs, 2 long antennas, 2 long tails, is 22-38mm long, and tastes like chicken. The most common hook size is #8-12. A Stonefly's life cycle works like this. It is born, it lives in the river for 2-4 years, and then it crawls out on the bank to complete its metamorphosis. It breeds, then the females return to the water in the afternoons to lay eggs and many get eaten by trout on the surface at this time. In the process of migrating to the shore, trout gobble up the nymphs (the aquatic stage of the bug). This process makes it one of the best hatches of the year because it draws the fish towards the shore for good dry fly fishing opportunities!

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