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Sage SALT HD Fly Rod // Grand Slam Saltwater Setup

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Sage SALT HD Fly Rod // Grand Slam Saltwater Setup

This outfit combines what are arguably "the best at both". Sage makes great rods, Hatch makes great reels. This outfit is designed for anglers tackling light inshore species like the Grand Slam species. This includes Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, and Snook. It doesn't exclude critters like Barracuda, Jacks, or light work for Trevally on the Pacific side. This outfit is a premium setup and an extremely well balanced outfit. We install the backing extremely tight and you can count on us to put this together for your big saltwater adventure.

Sage Salt HD Grand Slam Package Includes:

Recommendations for Saltwater Rod Weights vs. Fish Species


6-7 WT: Skinny water / floating line / calm conditions / presentation quality for smaller, lighter flies. These rods will handle almost all Bonefish applications as a dedicated rod.

8 WT: All-around light duty / floating & sinking lines / increased fish fighting backbone / presentation quality for variety of fly sizes. Perfect "go to" rod for all around fishing. Capable of a delicate delivery for Bonefish, but would be right at home for Snook or Baby Tarpon.

9 WT: Permit / sinking lines / increased casting power for fighting wind and delivering bigger flies, and some small to mid-sized Tarpon work.

10 WT: Small tarpon & big permit / increased casting power for throwing oversized air resistant fly patterns. In wind 10 weights cast weighted flies straighter and more accurately. Something to consider for serious Permit fisherman. Jack Crevalle beware and it would be a great Dorado rod. Just be careful around the boat when landing them with a #10.

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