Complete Fly Assortment for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Barracuda, and Snook

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Complete Fly Selection and some of the Best Flies for Ascension Bay, Belize, Cuba, Yucatan, and Bahamas!

You can trust us to put together an assortment of flies that is a GREAT value and will produce results on your saltwater trips in Ascension Bay, Belize, Cuba, the Bahamas, or the Florida Keys. Pretty much anywhere you chase the "Grand Slam"!

These are the top flies that we have found after many seasons of taking anglers to Ascension Bay, Mexico which is about 70 miles north of Belize where we fish. Our selections might vary slightly from the photographs based on what's been working well and what we have in stock ready to ship. Rest assured you will always get a deluxe kit from Red's Fly Shop. We care!The "Caribbean Sandwich" combines our Bonefish and Permit Fly Assortment with our Baby Tarpon/Snook Assortment!

We Host and Book Fly Fishing Trips to Ascension Bay, Mexico and Cuba, Zapata Liveaboard, and other tropical Grand Slam fishing destinations. 

You can join Red's Fly Shop on one of these trips and our staff will coordinate, host, and fish alongside you or your group the entire week.

Flies for Bonefish

Bonefish are caught in the most abundant numbers, and likely what you will spend most of your time pursuing. We like to have a few flies that are heavy for schools of Bones on the ledges, a couple of mid weight flies, and a couple of unweighted patterns for tailing fish in the shallows. Average size is about 2 pounds and they run like crazy! They eat shrimp, small crabs, and other crustaceans. They travel in very shallow water and the juveniles (12-18") will run in schools, and the larger fish (3-7 pounds) will usually travel in pairs or groups of three. 7-8 weight rods, 2 X Tippet, and use the smallest flies in your box.

Flies for Permit a.k.a. Palometa in Espanol

Permit are a big deal! This is the most coveted game fish on earth... or so says anybody that has ever stalked the flats searching for them! Anglers make many trips without landing a Permit. Spooky, fast, wiley, and selective are words that describe them. Mystical, captivating, and addicting do too. They eat primarily crabs so you should have at least a dozen various crab patterns with you. Long delicate casts, longer strips, and quiet "tip toe" feet are required. The guides in Mexico like to say... Bonefish are fun, but Permit is our drug! When they are "tailing" (tail out of the water, head down feeding) is when you try to time your cast. We like Merkin Crabs, Turneffe Crabs, Ragheads, and a few others in this box that you have never heard of. These are the patterns we like

Flies for Barracuda and Sharks.... they don't eat.... they attack!

This is the predator fish of the flats and perhaps the most underrated of all flats gamefish. Average Cuda are 2-3' long, and big ones are about 5 feet long! They attack Poppers, Needlefish, Gurglers, and other large baitfish. We like Poppers, this package includes 2 Poppers and you will be amazed how Cuda will attack Poppers even when they won't eat a Needlefish. Sometimes it takes several casts with super fast stripping to entice them, but once they attack... HANG ON! It can be violent. They run, jump, and slash like you wouldn't believe. Wire leaders, 10 weight rods, and big flies are the trick. Always have the "on deck" angler ready with a Cuda rod because they seem to pop regularly.

Flies for Tarpon.... "the Silver King" or Sabalo in Spanish

The Tarpon in Ascension are found most abundantly in the Mangroves and will be juveniles 10-40 pounds. Not bad eh? In the more open water there are occasions when fish up to 100 pounds are possible. They are famous for jumping like crazy and you should "bow" your rod to the fish as they jump. They eat baitfish primarily but will eat crustaceans at times. An 9-10 weight rod with a 60 lb. shock tippet to protect against their sharp mouth is required. We like some of the classic flies like Black Death, but our assortments usually have a whatever we had the most success on during our last trip.

Flies for Snook a.k.a. or Rabalo in Spanish

The creatures of the Mangroves... Snook tend to hide up under the Mangroves only wandering out a fin at a time! It is a fun casting game trying to get your fly up under the Mangroves just right. They eat baitfish, and the primary flies we like are un-weighted Deceivers. Most Snook are about 5-10 pounds, although one of us did hook one closer to 20 pounds last year! The world record is 53 pounds, and you will see photos at the lodge of Snook over 30 pounds! 8-10 weight rods with 60 pound shock tippet is the right setup. Same as Tarpon. This fly assortment will come with 5 Snook flies that are all unweighted and Deceiver style patterns.

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