Tarpon and Snook Assortment - Flies for Ascension Bay, Belize, Cuba, Bahamas, and Yucatan

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Tarpon and Snook Fly Assortment - The Best Flies for Ascension Bay, Belize, Cuba, Yucatan Peninsula, Bahamas

Baby Tarpon - What is a baby Tarpon? Since an adult Tarpon can weigh in at an impressive 200 pounds, tarpon of smaller size, 10-30 pounds, are called "Babies"?  Seriously?

Still, Baby Tarpon are a serious match for fly anglers. Baby Tarpon can be found in flats, bays and shoreline areas around the gulf coast. They are equally at home in fresh water, often seen in canals and inlets, rivers and ponds that are located some distance from the salt. Being able to gulp air and essentially survive in oxygen poor waters, Tarpon are indeed unique fish that deserve respect. Unlike large, adult tarpon, baby tarpon can be found in the same areas, often year to year. They feed heavily, especially at night. Snook are a predatory fish that is often found around pilings, bridges shorelines and mangroves in warm, tropical salt water and at times brackish water. The lower portions of Florida are well known Snook waters, as are many beaches around the gulf coast. We often find snook on our Ascension Bay trips. They feed on small bait fish and crustaceans, and being that snook and Baby Tarpon are often found near each other, this assortment can cover both fish equally well. One interesting thing about snook is that Snook begin life as male fish, as they grow past 18" to about 22", some snook become female. Snook can reach sizes in excess of 45 pounds.

Baby Tarpon and Snook Assortment Includes:

  • (1) Needle Fish for Barracuda #3/0
  • (1) EP Perfect Minnow Olive/White #2
  • (1) Tarpon Bunny Black/Red #2/0
  • (1) Peanut Butter Black Death #2/0
  • (1) Tarpon SP Suspended Shrimp Tan #1/0
  • (2) Clouser Chart/Wht #2/0
  • (1) Crystal Popper Blue #2/0
  • (2) Devil Bunny Purple/Black #3/0
  • (2) Tarpon Toad Purple/Black Small
  • (1) Clouser Minnow White #2/0
About this kit...Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder.