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Ultimate Trout Streamer Fly Assortment

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20 Ultimate Streamer Assortment for Trophy Trout

Big Fly = Big FishWhat would you rather eat? A piece of celery or a ribeye steak wrapped in bacon? Well fortunately for you we have a fly box full of steaks designed to attract big fat, snobby trout. We have put together a great assortment of flies designed for one thing... hunting for big trout. Whether it is Rainbows, Browns, or aggressive Cutthroat, this box will get the job done.About this kit...

Each kit comes in a fly specific Red's logo box, heat shrink wrapped, and labeled so you know what you have and what to reorder. We put these flies together based on what our guide staff grabs when we head for the river and want to target trophy trout. Most all of these flies are weighted with coneheads, eyes, or lead along the body (or even both haha!). Most sink very fast and get down into the fast buckets are a couple of straight up black conehead buggers in here, don't overlook these. Try dead drifting them either on a high stick presentation, Czech style or under an indicator.About the steaks... uhhh...errrr I mean "flies"The overall assortment is subject to slight changes based on what's hot and what's in stock. Much of the time we'll get a unique streamer into the shop that you HAVE TO HAVE! The mix has a variety of buggers and sculpin patterns. We made sure to vary the weights and sizes so that you are ready for anything. Many of these can be fished on a floating line. Be sure to check out our video, Streamer Fishing on a Floating Line for a few tips.Recipe:Ultimate Streamer

Assortment for Trophy Trout Ingredients:

The One Sculpin, Sheila Sculpin, White Dali Llama, White/Olive Dali Llama, Sculpzila Natural, Sculpzilla White, Morrish Sculpin Olive, Morrish Sculpin Brown, Skiddish Smolt, Flash Fry Perch, Sculpin Yellow, Sculpin Olive, Crispy Critter, Twin Lakes Special, Hale Bopp Leach Olive, JJ Special, Black Bugger, Hale Bopp Purple

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