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Bonefish Fly Assortment for Christmas Island

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Bonefish Flies for Fly Fishing Trips to Christmas Island

Why these flies? Because its exactly the right amount and they catch fish! We've outfitted hundreds of anglers for this trip, and these flies are effective and catch fish. It's a well rounded assortment that we have put together based on our many trips hosted and fished on Christmas Island. There is a nice mix of heavily weighted flies vs. lighter weight flies and this will no doubt get the job done.

If our assortment is overkill, try ordering a "Deadly Dozen"! We'll custom select great flies for your exact destination. It's a great way to fill in the gaps and take advantage of our expertise. It's a good value, AND you'll get the right flies for the job.

Red's Christmas Island Bonefish Fly Assortment Includes:

  • (9) Pink Christmas Island Specials - Heavy Eyes - (mix of #6 and #8 sizes)
  • (14) Orange Christmas Island Specials - Heavy Eyes - (mix of #6 and #8 sizes)
  • (4) Bonefish Worms
  • (7) Chain Eye Gotcha's (mix of #4 and #6)
  • (1) Enrico Puglisi #8 Tan Crab
  • (2) Craven's Bonefish Junk (#4/#6) *assortments may have slight variations based on available quantities

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