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RIO InTouch Big Nasty Fly Line

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DESIGNED TO CAST LARGE and heavy flies with exceptional ease. 

The InTouch Big Nasty is designed specifically to cast large and heavy flies with exceptional ease. The line features a short, powerful front taper that has no problem casting weighted streamer and large terrestrial patterns, and is heavier than the industry standard to load modern rods quickly. The line is built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the minimum of stretch and the maximum in performance, and features RIO's XS and AgentX technologies, as well as welded loops on both ends.

  • Short, powerful front taper to cast large and heavy flies
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum performance
  • Heavier than the industry standard to load easily
  • Supple, coldwater coating ensures no memory off the reel
  • Color = Moss/Orange


For anglers that want to throw big flies on a sink tip, look no further than our INTOUCH BIG NASTY SINK TIP series of lines, which can be found here.



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