Sage Bass II Fly Rods // Trout Streamers, Bass, Tarpon, Snook

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Classy meets Bassy

We can unapologetically say that this is one of the best casting rod Sage has ever made. Customer satisfaction with these rods is among the best we've ever seen.

They are easy and fun to cast and provide maximum leverage for fish fighting and pulling big fish from cover. We use them from trout to Tarpon. These rods excel at casting big, wind-resistant flies along with conehead streamers. In the Mangroves and salt marshes we use them for Tarpon, Snook, and other species where accuracy in close quarters is difficult with standard length rods.

The BASS II is an advanced performance rod that generates higher line speeds, provides greater accuracy and easier line pick up. This lighter weight bass rod has a very smooth feel, but with maximum leverage to fight aggressive predators and pull big fish from cover. These rods perform the job of line pick up, back-cast, and redelivery with no false cast needed. It is the perfect tool for accurately casting big, wind-resistant flies from a kayak, canoe and other small personal craft. Its also the best choice for fishing in mangroves and salt marshes where accuracy in close quarters is difficult with standard length rods. BASS II is versatile for many different species and conditions.

Rod Purchase INCLUDES a Rod/Reel Case and Fly Line


Features of the Sage Bluegill, Smallmouth, Largemouth, and Peacock Rod

Fast Action

Graphite IIIe technology

Built within tournament specifications (under 8')

Tree Frog Green blank color; Rust primary thread wraps with Gold and Black trim wraps

Fuji ceramic stripper guides; Hard chromed snake guides and tip-top

Olive ballistic cloth rod & reel case with embroidered logo

Red anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat

Super Plus full-wells cork handle, custom for each rod size with fighting butt

Includes Sage BASS II Taper line

Top 10 Reasons That You Need a Bass Rod

1. Accuracy. These rods are built with a "point and shoot" mentality. At casts under 50' (ALL Bass casts) These rods are designed to hit spots. Try it for yourself, compare casts with big flies at 30' with your 9' rod. It is no contest on accuracy. The 9' rods will put big hairy flies all over the place while the Bass II rod puts them right next to the fish.

2. Toughness. This is a big one. When you Bass fish you are hooking up in the brush and weeds a lot. You DO NOT WANT TO USE YOUR finely tapered long rods! It will beat them up, bruise them, and if they don't break them it just means they are more likely to break later on. Probably when you get to a remote island somewhere. :) Bass rods are tough and designed for pulling flies out of the weeds.

3. Ease of Casting. Bass flies are usually big. The fly line/rod setup on the Sage Bass II Fly Rod make casting the big stuff super easy. The line is heavy and thick which is perfect for turning over big flies.

4. Multi Rod Setups. When you are bass fishing it is handy to have a variety of rods ready. If you have watched a single Bass fishing episode you will see that every angler worth his salt has rods for doing specific things. Bass fishing with fly rods is no different. Use your 9' 8 weight to cast sink tips out on the ledges, but use your Sage Bass II Fly Rod to pick apart the banks on floating lines and against structure.

5. Sink-tip compatible. The Sage Bass II Fly Rod comes with the Sage Bass fly line which is compatible with 15' Sinking Polyleaders. This system isn't perfectly ideal but it works pretty well since the Bass line has such a heavy head.

6. Lifting power. Shorter fly rods have much more immediate lifting power for pulling big fish out of structure and heavy cover when hooked. Largemouth Bass are especially notorious for wrapping your tippet up around all sorts of junk when hooked. You will need to horse those big boys out of the brush!

7. Pop 'n Go. Bass fishing is often a "pop 'n go" type action. You pitch your fly against the cover, give it a pop or a few twitches and you then pick it up an shoot it into the next spot. The stout build of these 7'11" rods pick the flies up and lay them down with precision and control.

8. Dedicated Gear. When you dedicate gear towards a species you are in a better position to take advantage of it. When you have a rod for Bass you will have a Bass Leader on it and a Bass Fly Line on it. No changing spools, lines, or leaders. Just grab your rod and go. An after dinner Bass fishing trip has never been easier!

9. Bass Live Everywhere. You most likely live near a good Bass lake. Get a rod, get some flies, get out there. Quit making excuses! Haha

10. Tournament Legal. Now that you are pumped up to catch some Bass, let's get you signed up for tournament fishing! Kevin Van Damme is a pro bass angler and he has won 4.57 million US Dollars catching bass.