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Baja Fly Fishing Gear Dump

Posted by Joe Rotter on
Baja Fly Fishing Gear Dump

I've had some WONDERFUL trips to the Sea of Cortez and wanted to put together a video with some of the essential gear and tips that I have for you. I tried to do this "on site" but.... the fish were distracting haha.

These tips exclude Marlin and Sailfish, as "Billfish" as they are communally described fall into a whole new gear set. We can talk about that later. The gear here is fit for Roosterfish, Dorado, Skipjack, Light Yellow Fin, Jack Crevalle, and many other species of similar size. You may catch Pompano, Sea Bass, or a few others in Baja as well.

The Most Important Element to Saltwater Casting

Line speed. One thing I neglected to emphasize in the video is that a good angler here is FAST. You must be quick to the strip, to the fish, to the set, and really work on becoming agile with your cast and being able to change directions quickly. There are many factors here, but if you are a really good distance caster that's great... BUT if you are constantly sending 80' of line that takes time. Consider mobility and being able to quickly pick up a dead cast and reposition it quickly and efficiently using a double haul. It's a great skill to be able to cast far as that proves you are capable of developing line speed. This allows you to go from 15' - 65' in an instant. Monitor your ability to be agile, fast, and find that balance of distance versus speed. All anglers will benefit from being able to cast far and fast, just don't let it become a curse. Several times I shot 80-90' of line out, only to have a Rooster bust a sardine at 30' !!! Argggghh!!!!!

Featured Gear for Baja Fly Fishing

Sage Salt HD 16 Weight Rod

rio outbound tropical short

Baitfish fly for fishing Baja

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